Christine Jones Gives TSA latest 'Department of Failure' Report Card

Department of Failure
(Gilbert, AZ) - Wednesday, conservative business leader and congressional candidate Christine Jones named the TSA as the latest 'Department of Failure' recipient as part of an ongoing series summarizing federal government failures.
During recent congressional hearings, TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger testified before the House regarding outrageous TSA wait times and customer service, serious security lapses and under-the-radar bonuses amounting to tens of million of dollars. Neffenger was also grilled about a disgraced assistant administrator who received $90,000 in bonuses despite failing to provide adequate security. (CNN - May 26, 2016)
Christine Jones issued the following statement:
"Once again, the career politicians and armies of Washington bureaucrats have shown just how insensitive and grossly incompetent they are in addressing serious problems confronted every day by the American people.
"Asking for millions of dollars more in bonuses when the organization can't even operate efficiently, let alone guarantee the public's safety, is a slap in the face to American taxpayers and travelers. Maybe it's time to allow private airport screeners to do the job that the TSA can't seem to perform."