East Valley Technology Leader Endorses Christine Jones

Elections have always been an important part of my civic duty. The outcome of an election may affect my livelihood, family and faith and it’s why I take who I vote for very seriously. When I consider a candidate, I typically evaluate a person based on three criteria: their effectiveness, their knowledge of issues important to me and their worldview values.

Dallin HarrisIn this Primary Election, I have chosen to support Christine Jones for Congress because she most closely aligns with those criteria.

Christine is one of the most effective business leaders I know. She is not afraid to take on a serious challenge and work to find the most effective and efficient solution. During her time at Go Daddy, she dove into an area where law and policy was still being written. As a small startup, Christine worked tirelessly to help build and grow the company to the point that it had over 4,000 employees. She was an integral part of this Arizona success story.

She also has a deep understanding of the tech industry, the area in which I work. Christine knows the challenges small business face on a daily basis when it comes to regulations, taxes, resource management and she knows how to cut out waste and most importantly, balance a budget. In my profession, the industry is constantly changing and innovating. As a technologist, Christine realizes the power of technology and how it can be applied to make our lives better.

Finally, Christine shares many of my personal and deeply-held values. As a Christian, she understands the daily threats and assaults on our faith and how to defend against those attacks, while maintaining the proper spirit. She is a strong advocate for the unborn and the most vulnerable members of our society. She will protect the rights of parents and families, including the right to protect ourselves and the way we educate our children. There is no doubt that Christine will safeguard our most sacred rights as citizens.

There are too many career politicians in Washington who are not effective, don’t understand the problems of hard-working people, and fail to protect our most basic personal rights. We can no longer afford to send professional politicians to represent us.

This election, I am placing my trust, endorsement and vote in Christine Jones for Congress for the reasons I’ve outlined. I am confident that she will best represent me, my family and our community. I urge you also to support and vote for Christine Jones as our next congresswoman.


Dallin Harris
Small Business Owner/
Gilbert Resident