'Department of Failure' Fails Department of Justice


                                            Christine Jones: 'Department of Failure' Fails Department of Justice
(Gilbert, AZ) - Wednesday, the Department of Justice became the latest in the growing list of "Department of Failure" designees by conservative business leader and congressional candidate Christine Jones.
On Monday, the DOJ, under the instructions of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, released the 911 transcripts of the Orlando massacre but heavily redacted references to "ISIS" and Islamic terrorism. The edited version contradicted a statement on Sunday in which Attorney General Lynch pledged as much transparency as possible in the investigation. That release triggered a firestorm forcing the DOJ to re-release another version of the transcripts containing the references. (Fox News - June 20, 2016)
Christine Jones issued the following statement:
"Just over a week after the Orlando attack and the Department of Justice still can't bring itself to acknowledge Islamic terrorism as the motivation behind this horrific tragedy. It saddens me to know that Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Obama administration are taking political advantage of this tragedy to push an agenda that does anything but address Islamic terrorism.
"There are many dedicated agents and investigators committed to fighting and preventing these attacks. We cannot allow leaders at the DOJ to use political correctness to hamper their efforts and censor the facts of this terrible tragedy while denying the reality that there are bad people who hate America and want to destroy us. I truly hope Attorney General Lynch will insist on transparency and accountability as the facts about this attack continue to unfold."