IRS Commissioner Deserves "Department of Failure" and Impeachment

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Christine Jones: IRS Commissioner deserves 'Department of Failure' and Impeachment

(Gilbert, AZ) - Thursday, conservative congressional candidate and business leader Christine Jones gave the 'Department of Failure' mention to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for his role in obstructing an investigation in which IRS agents targeted, harassed and denied conservative organizations regarding applications for non-profit status.

Wednesday, the US House Oversight Committee voted 23-15 to censure Commissioner Koskinen for defying subpoenas and providing false statements to Congress during the investigation of IRS abuses toward conservative Tea Party organizations. The censure will likely lead to an impeachment by the full House of Representatives. (Bloomberg - June 15, 2016)

Christine Jones issued the following statement:

"After constant stonewalling and misleading members of Congress, Commissioner Koskinen is finally having to face the consequences of his agency's actions. It is outrageous that the IRS violated the First Amendment Rights of Americans based solely on their political and ideological beliefs. This was a massive failure by the agency during his watch.

"I'm urging Congress to move forward with Commissioner Koskinen's impeachment and to make it right for those Americans who were targeted and denied justice by leadership at the IRS. Government agents who abuse their power should be put on notice that they will be penalized for their actions."