Christine Jones Comments on Monday's GOP Convention Highlights

The Republican National Convention is off to a good start in Cleveland this week with tonight's theme set to "Make America Safe Again."

Recent horrific events have everyone talking about the safety and security of Americans - especially on our own soil. Donald Trump and Governor Mike Pence have declared, and rightly so, that they are the "Law and Order Candidates." The difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is like day and night. Donald Trump believes we must strengthen our military, annihilate ISIS, protect our borders, stop bad actors from entering the US, stand up for law enforcement and take care of our veterans.

On the contrary, Hillary Clinton will do none of the above. We already know she has failed to perform in all her jobs. As Secretary of State, she put our national security at risk and then lied about it to protect her political career. And most egregious, good Americans were killed on her watch - even as she failed to take that 3 AM phone call.

Yes, Hillary Clinton has been an abysmal failure when it comes to leadership and we cannot allow the Clinton's anywhere near the White House.

Hillary will not keep Americans safe.

Donald Trump will restore leadership to America's national security. America will once again be respected in the global community and unlike the current resident of the White House, President Donald Trump will stop apologizing for being America. Like Governor Pence, I stand by our nominee, Donald Trump, and pledge to help him do everything to make America safe again.