Statement on Election Results

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, September 16, 2016
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Christine Jones Statement on Election Results

(Gilbert, AZ) – Friday afternoon, conservative business leader Christine Jones released the following statement regarding the final CD-5 Republican Primary Election results:

"I am very thankful for the opportunity to have shared my conservative outsider message with the citizens of CD-5. Although we came up short on results, I believe we were successful in making this election about the issues rather than political hand-offs. Voters want to know their representatives are not taking them for granted.

"I want to thank my supporters, volunteers and staff for devoting their time, talent and treasure to this campaign. They carried the weight of this endeavor and to them, I am indebted. 

"I congratulate my opponent, Senator Andy Biggs, and wish him the best in the General Election.

"The General Election is rapidly approaching and there is much work to be done to elect Republicans in local, state and national elections. We must not take anything for granted, especially the trust of the voters. This election will be critical to restoring the economy, jobs and national security to America. We must win.

"As for me and my family, I will continue to contribute to the community making the East Valley a great place to work, play and raise a family."



Thank You!

Dear Friends,

Needless to say, it has been a long and tumultuous 17 days since the Primary Election.

On election night, results showed us locked in a tight race but still projected to win. Days after the election, as additional ballots were counted, one of my opponents crept up in his vote count until he was trailing me by just six votes. Then suddenly, in the dead of the night, more ballots appeared putting him ahead by nine votes. Our team was assertive asking a judge to allow the County Recorder to include an additional 330 votes in her count. Unfortunately, only 18 of the 330 additional ballots were counted. We then fell behind by 16 votes! However, when an election is this close, state law requires an automatic recount by the Secretary of State. That recount took place Wednesday and the final results are in.

Unfortunately for our campaign, we did not prevail. By 27 votes, my opponent, Andy Biggs, has won the Republican nomination, 25,244 to 25,217 votes.

While I have humbly accepted the results of the election, I am proud to have fought to ensure every vote was counted and that our sacred right to vote was honored and respected.

I congratulate my opponent, Senator Andy Biggs, on his Primary Election win and nomination. I wish him the best in the General Election and look forward to working with him on issues important to Arizonans and the citizens of CD-5.

Finally, I want to thank you. Throughout the entire campaign, your unwavering support and prayers have helped me get through the process of running for office and getting my conservative outsider message to voters. As I consider my next endeavors, I want you to know I will continue to fight for our conservative values and the survival of our great Republic.





Jones for Congress Statement on Status of the Vote Count

(Gilbert, AZ) – Early Saturday morning, the Maricopa County Recorder released the status of the vote count for Arizona's 5th Congressional District. Jones for Congress General Consultant and spokesman, Brian Seitchik, released the following statement:

"The contest for the CD-5 Republican Congressional nomination has entered a new phase and is far from settled. Facing a nine-vote deficit out of a universe of more than 80,000 votes cast so far, Christine Jones is determined to do absolutely everything to ensure that the vote totals eventually reported are fair, accurate and consistent with the expressed will of the voters in CD-5. Christine is working with community leaders and the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office to review this process and further investigate the significant statistical anomalies that have arisen in this competitive contest; every vote count, up until the final tabulation, showed Christine winning.  We are committed to leaving no stone unturned in the recount and, in the end, we are confident that Christine Jones will be nominated to run in the General Election this November."


Chandler Chamber of Commerce Endorses Christine Jones for Congress

Chandler Chamber of Commerce Endorses Business Leader In Race

(Gilbert, AZ) – Today, the Chandler Chamber of Commerce endorsed conservative business leader Christine Jones in the Republican Primary race for Congressional District Five. This is the second East Valley chamber of commerce to endorse Jones in the race. The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce endorsed Jones on August 3rd.

In its endorsement statement, Terri Kimble, President and CEO of the Chandler Chamber noted, "The process in which the Chandler Chamber goes through for our endorsements is a lengthy and fair process which represents the voice of our business community." The press release continued, "Ms. Jones is the candidate who best aligns with the Chambers mission, vision, and policy goals of protecting and promoting the interests of the Chandler business community."

Upon receiving news of the endorsement, Christine Jones said, "Both my husband and I are thrilled to receive the endorsement of the Chandler Chamber. We have been an active part of CUSD and the Chandler business community for nearly two decades and we very much admire the Chamber's work." Jones added, "Like many members of the Chamber, I am focused on eliminating burdensome regulations, protecting and creating jobs, and boosting the economy in our community, as my record of conservative business leadership demonstrates."


East Valley Technology Leader Endorses Christine Jones

Elections have always been an important part of my civic duty. The outcome of an election may affect my livelihood, family and faith and it’s why I take who I vote for very seriously. When I consider a candidate, I typically evaluate a person based on three criteria: their effectiveness, their knowledge of issues important to me and their worldview values.

Dallin HarrisIn this Primary Election, I have chosen to support Christine Jones for Congress because she most closely aligns with those criteria.

Christine is one of the most effective business leaders I know. She is not afraid to take on a serious challenge and work to find the most effective and efficient solution. During her time at Go Daddy, she dove into an area where law and policy was still being written. As a small startup, Christine worked tirelessly to help build and grow the company to the point that it had over 4,000 employees. She was an integral part of this Arizona success story.

She also has a deep understanding of the tech industry, the area in which I work. Christine knows the challenges small business face on a daily basis when it comes to regulations, taxes, resource management and she knows how to cut out waste and most importantly, balance a budget. In my profession, the industry is constantly changing and innovating. As a technologist, Christine realizes the power of technology and how it can be applied to make our lives better.

Finally, Christine shares many of my personal and deeply-held values. As a Christian, she understands the daily threats and assaults on our faith and how to defend against those attacks, while maintaining the proper spirit. She is a strong advocate for the unborn and the most vulnerable members of our society. She will protect the rights of parents and families, including the right to protect ourselves and the way we educate our children. There is no doubt that Christine will safeguard our most sacred rights as citizens.

There are too many career politicians in Washington who are not effective, don’t understand the problems of hard-working people, and fail to protect our most basic personal rights. We can no longer afford to send professional politicians to represent us.

This election, I am placing my trust, endorsement and vote in Christine Jones for Congress for the reasons I’ve outlined. I am confident that she will best represent me, my family and our community. I urge you also to support and vote for Christine Jones as our next congresswoman.


Dallin Harris
Small Business Owner/
Gilbert Resident


Christine Jones Releases New Campaign Ad, 'Gaggle'

(Gilbert, AZ) – Today, the Jones for Congress campaign released its latest commercial, "Gaggle," in the Republican Primary race for CD-5.

The ad features a gaggle of career politicians competing for attention contrasted against successful conservative business leader, Christine Jones. In the ad, Jones asks the gaggle if they have created any jobs or balanced any budgets. They haven't. She also discloses she hasn't taken any special interest money. The career politicians clamor that they have. The ad is an accurate portrayal of the CD-5 race.

Jordan Ray, manager for the campaign remarked, "This ad hits the nail on the head when comparing Christine Jones to the current gaggle of career politicians in this race." Ray continued, "Christine is a true-life success story. She's helped create thousands of jobs, balanced budgets and helped grow a major technology company. She's exactly who our congressional district needs."


Paul Gilbert, former State Co-Chairman for Mitt Romney for President, Supports Christine Jones

"Nobody fought the reelection of Obama more than Christine Jones"

(Gilbert, AZ) – Paul Gilbert, successful valley attorney and former Co-Chairman of Romney for President in Arizona, endorsed Christine Jones for Congress today.

Paul GilbertMr Gilbert said of Ms. Jones, "In 2012, we had a committed group of Arizona Patriots who raised and donated both small and large donations to try and defeat President Obama. Christine donated more than $50,000 personally, and brought us one of our top small dollar fundraisers. Special interest groups and Christine's opponents trying to suggest Christine is an Obama supporter are disingenuous and laughable. To my knowledge, Christine did more to defeat Obama in 2012 then any of her opponents in the race for CD-05."

Christine Jones, an attorney, CPA, and business executive, worked with the firm of Beus Gilbert where Mr. Gilbert is a named partner. He said this about Ms. Jones' leadership and values: "I've known Christine for nearly 20 years. Her politics have always been conservative and her religious faith is real. She was known for her integrity in the work place and she has stood by her husband throughout his decades of military service. I am happy to endorse her and encourage voters in the East Valley to support her, as well."


LISTEN: Can't Be Bought Radio Ad

You may have seen and heard vicious political ads attacking me. These ads are paid for by Washington, DC elites using hundreds of thousands of dollars in dark money to distort my words and make me appear to support Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are blatant lies and typical tactics used by Washington elites who want to hold on to power and keep things the way they are. Please don't be fooled by their false and flashy commercials. I am a lifelong Republican who has always supported a conservative public policy agenda and will work hard to defeat liberal Democrats and their policies to take away our freedoms and liberties. You have my word.

Here's what my good friend Governor Mike Huckabee said about these attacks.


WATCH: Governor Mike Huckabee Endorses Christine Jones



Governor Mike Huckabee Endorses Good Friend Christine Jones

(Gilbert, AZ) – Wednesday, Former Arkansas Governor and Republican Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, endorsed his good friend and conservative business leader, Christine Jones, in the race for Arizona's Fifth Congressional District.

The endorsement comes as East Valley citizens cast their early ballots. Governor Huckabee's endorsement was released along with a video message in which he spoke amiably of his friend Christine Jones. In his message, Governor Huckabee points out that the elitist forces of Washington are scared to death of Christine Jones because she can't be bought. "She's my friend. She's someone I know, someone I trust..." and, "I believe that when you send her to Washington, you'll know, you have someone who's fighting for you, not someone fighting just to keep the special interests and the status quo alive and well," the Governor remarked in a personal statement.

Christine Jones welcomed the endorsement from Governor Huckabee saying, "I am truly honored and humbled to have the support and endorsement of my friend Governor Huckabee. He understands why DC insiders and special interests try to keep out conservative problem solvers like me: I want to fix Washington's problems, they want to maintain the status quo." She continued, "Governor Huckabee's message resonates with many citizens in the district who are tired of sending career politicians who perpetuate the problem. He knows I will bring a change and provide leadership and I am grateful for his trust and confidence."

View Governor Huckabee's video endorsement HERE.