Hillary (part 1 of 3): The Clinton Foundation

Yesterday I called out Hillary Clinton over over her failure to protect American lives and national security through the use of a private email server. Today, I'm lending my voice to those calling for an investigation into the nefarious activities of the Clinton Foundation.

Since it's inception, the Clinton Foundation has been nothing more than a vehicle to line the pockets of the Clinton's by laundering money from entities to influence public policy - a "pay to play" scheme.

HillaryClintonFoundation.jpgForeign governments and corrupt dictators would donate directly or indirectly to the Clinton Foundation with the expectation that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, would influence a foreign policy decision favorable to the donor. One egregious example of this is Russia's acquisition of a Canadian company, Uranium One. As donations poured into the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton conveniently received $500,000 from one speech he delivered in Moscow. This has occurred on many other occasions.

This has been the modus operandi for the Clintons and their foundation which now is reported at $250 million in assets. Let's remember that some of these donations came from countries and brutal dictators who have a history and pattern of horrific human rights violations, especially against women and children.

I join Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn and 51 other US House members in demanding the IRS investigate the Clinton Foundation and its tax-exempt status. (Read Congresswoman Blackburn's letter to the IRS.)

As Democrats prepare to officially nominate Hillary Clinton as their candidate, I cannot stress enough how unethical, corrupt and dangerous Hillary Clinton would be to our country. For the sake of freedom and security, we must reject Hillary Clinton as President.