Hillary (part 3 of 3): Benghazi

All week I've been commenting on the dangerous and destructive legacy of Hillary Clinton and why she should never be elected President. Today, I write about her failure to protect American lives in the service of their country.

Eleven years to the day after we suffered the worst terrorist attack in US history, terrorists again attacked and brutally murdered our US Ambassador and three of our finest foreign service personnel in Benghazi, Libya. Despite advance repeated requests for increased security, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denied the requests. When the warnings finally became reality, Hillary Clinton refused to send help - even as she knew what was happening on the ground. Our brave men could have been rescued but Hillary chose to do nothing.

HillaryClintonBenghazi.jpgAfter the attack, Hillary initially blamed a random YouTube video for inciting an angry mob. She even lied to Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith who was murdered in the attack, even when she knew the horrifying truth - shameful, deceptive, despicable and unbecoming of someone running for President.

During the investigation to follow, Hillary and her defenders at the State Department threw every obstacle in the way to avoid disclosing the truth and from being held accountable. Hillary Clinton failed to perform her job as Secretary of State and she lied to the American people. She has proven herself unfit for any form of public service.

Tonight, as Hillary Clinton accepts the nomination for President, see her through the eyes of the families who lost their loved ones while under her watch. She failed them. She failed as Secretary of State and she'll fail America if she wins the Presidency. America must reject Hillary Clinton.