Remembering Those Who Gave All

A Message from Gary Jones, USAF (Ret.)

Memorial Day is a sacred day, when Americans remember and honor our fallen heroes. We pay our solemn respect and pray for eternal peace for their enduring souls and legacies.

Many Americans take this day very personally. For me, every day is a day to remember the young men and women I've trained, and with whom I served, who made the ultimate sacrifice. Nothing pains the heart more than the loss of these fearless and selfless warriors. My prayers and memories will always remain with these heroes and their families.

As a Vietnam Veteran, President Reagan's words, spoken at the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, have particular relevance to me:

The men and women of Vietnam fought for freedom in a place where liberty was in danger. They put their lives in danger to help a people in a land far away from their own. Many sacrificed their lives in the name of duty, honor, and country. All were patriots who lit the world with their fidelity and courage. They were both our children and our heroes. We will never ever forget them. We will never forget their devotion and their sacrifice. They stand before us, marching into time and into shared memory, forever. May God bless their souls.

President Reagan's words continue to ring true today as they did over three decades ago.

This Memorial Day, please join me in taking time to remember those who served and died in defense of our freedom. Those of us who came home alive know that they are the true heroes. This nation and her posterity shall remain eternally grateful for their sacrifice.

May God bless these American heroes and their families.


Gary Jones, USAF (Ret.)

Lt Col (ret.) Gary Jones is the husband of Christine Jones. They have been married 29 years.