Christine Jones Comments on Donald Trump's Acceptance Speech

“Make America One Again” was the theme - and rightly so - for the final night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Everyone was eager to hear Donald Trump’s acceptance speech and vision for the country and did he ever exceed everyone’s expectations.

In his speech, Donald Trump said he would present the facts, plainly and honestly. He did. Several times he declared himself and Governor Pence as the law and order candidates, a bold statement we needed to hear - especially at a time like this when there is so much violence and chaos.

Mr. Trump was correct when he argued political correctness can no longer overshadow our lives. America is in decline and career politicians cannot, nor will not, fix our problems. He made the case that it’s time to elect someone with a proven record of success. I agree.

Our nominee pledged to restore safety, prosperity and peace for Americans through a 10-point plan. That plan addressed many issues including crime, immigration, national security, trade, jobs, taxes, regulations, energy, infrastructure, school choice, religious freedom and appointments to the Supreme Court.

Mr. Trump reminded us why Hillary Clinton should never be President and that's because her legacy is one of death, destruction, terrorism and weakness. I agree. Hillary Clinton lied to the American people over and over again to protect her political career. She is undeserving of the presidency.

Finally, our nominee stated that Americanism will be our credo. Too many Americans have given up hope, have lost their voice and are forgotten. Trump said they will no longer be forgotten because he will be their voice.

In his powerful concluding statement, Donald Trump said, “I’m with you. I will fight for you. I will win for you.”

Say what you want about Donald Trump. The nominee of the Republican Party has pledged to take back our country and restore American pride and respect at home and abroad. I stand by the nominee and I pledge to do the same as one voice in a united party and a united country.