Christine Jones Comments on Tuesday Night's GOP Convention Theme

Tuesday night’s theme kicked off under the banner “Make America Work Again.” This is a theme about which I am particularly knowledgeable given my nearly three decades experience in business development and leadership.

For eight years, the US economy has struggled with dismal economic growth, millions of Americans underemployed and out of work and underwhelming expectations for the future.

Small businesses have struggled under the burdens of taxes, regulations and now Obamacare. Where we once defined full time employment as 40 hours a week, we’re now lucky to be scheduled for 30 hours. And many hard-working Americans are working multiple jobs just to make ends meet.

Obtaining the American Dream is becoming harder for Americans to achieve.

If we truly want to make America work again, we have two choices this November. We can continue along the same downtrodden path by extending the term of President Obama through Hillary Clinton. Or, we can send someone with real world experience and proven success that will fight for America.

Tonight’s speakers affirmed what we all know – that America can be great again if it elects Donald Trump as President.

Mr. Trump and Governor Mike Pence have created tens of thousands of jobs over their successful professional careers. They know that the single most important thing that can be done is to get government out of the way of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Red tape regulations strangle the daily operations and future goals and dreams of individuals working hard for success. More government is the problem. They know this because they’ve lived it.

I believe Donald Trump and Mike Pence will wage a war on regulation, change the economic climate to revive our economy, reignite job creation, return jobs and manufacturing to our shores and put American back to work again.