Christine Jones Comments on GOP Convention on Nomination Eve

Wednesday was Nomination Eve at the Republican Convention in Cleveland with the theme being "Make America First Again."

The speaker lineup was powerful with Laura Ingraham, Scott Walker, Eric Trump and our new Vice-Presidential nominee, Governor Mike Pence inspiring the the party faithful to unify and fight for victory in November.

As each speaker made clear, this will be the most important election of our lifetime. So much is at stake: restoring jobs, recovering the economy, saving the High Court, protecting our national security, and possibly, the very survival of our republic in the fight against foreign and domestic terrorism.

Every speaker agreed. Electing Hillary Clinton would continue the devastating policies of Barack Obama that have hurt us domestically, internationally, in our workplaces and in our homes.

Donald Trump will indeed make America first again.

He will restore our stature on the world stage by strengthening our military and renegotiating poorly written trade deals. Donald Trump will get government out of the way to unleash America's full potential to become energy independent. And, our education system will return power and choice to parents at the local level.

Tonight's convention theme finally gives me hope that better times are ahead for Americans, but we must work hard to elect the right leaders this November.